Watersheds to Sea Changes
Our oceans are losing millions of sea life due to climate change, plastic pollution, and over-fishing. Art can bypass fear and build knowledge, while promoting positive change to communicate our loss, our choices and our future. – Kira Carrillo Corser, Director, Sea Changes ACT Project

GASES Network – Global Art / Science Environmental & Sustainability

Merging Art and Science Together for a Sustainable Future!

Merging Art and Science for a Substainable FutureYou have reached our new and exciting expansion to the Global Art and Science Community, combining art and science in a sustainable vision for the future. We are building on the last 4 years of work with scientists in California working with NOAA, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, and California Fish and Wildlife plus 7 artists.

We have shown in museums, community events and at the CA State Forum on Climate Change Adaptation. This Phase 2 of Sea Changes ACT has expanded to include watersheds and water conservation due to climate change and pollution.

Sea Changes GASES Network is Co-Directed by:

  • Kira Carrillo CorserArtist, Teacher, Film Producer
  • Qinqin LiuBiologist, Environmental Scientist, Artist
  • Debb SolanArtists and Teacher
  • Marjorie Pezzoli Artists and Teacher

Our Nonprofit sponsor is the San Diego Visual Arts Network/Synergy Foundation
We invite others to join us. Email us your ideas, artworks, science research, networks, and opportunities.

Sea Changes/GASES Project Resume

  • California Climate Change Adaptation Forum, Sacramento
  • Panel Presenter and Virtual Undersea installation at main reception
  • Rotating Digital images of Art Works on two large screen monitors in Main Meeting Hall for 2 days

PLEASE SEE SEA CHANGES ACT Phase 1 for museum and other site showings, videos, panel discussions, and more.

A Look At The Artist

Qinqin Liu was born and raised in China and is working on building more international efforts for the GASES Network. Email drqliu@yahoo.com

QinqinLiu01 QinqinLiu02
QinqinLiu03 QinqinLiu04

Qinqin Liu Scientist/Artist Statement

Qinqin creates interplay between art and science based on her 30 years experience, as an artist, a biologist and environmental scientist. Natural and environmental beauty often inspires her artwork, translated into expressions from her heart and soul using watercolors and other mixed media. The interplay of Chinese calligraphy and design, with Western art styles, contributes to the unique character of her art.

Qinqin’s current artwork reflects her concerns on water and environmental issues related to climate change and ecosystems. This artwork is inspired not only by the watershed beauty of the mountain snow and its paths to waterways that are the life blood of our ecosystems, but also deep feelings about changing climate harming this natural beauty and our living world.

Qinqin’s artwork has been exhibited:

  • At museums and galleries, corporations and conferences in California and other states, including the Crocker Art Museum, Duluth Art Museum, Intel Corporation, and American Ecological Conferences
  • California Adaptation Forum, Berkeley Art and Friends, and California Water Color Association. Qinqin’s artwork is in private collections and has earned awards from Sacramento Fine Art Center and Sin-Eco Association
  • Published as the book cover for “Green Careers,” Higher Education Press, PRC.

Debb Solan and Marjorie Pezzoli have made over a hundred jellyfish for installations in museums and science exploration centers, including the Oceanside Museum, the Museum of Monterey, Santa Cruz Sanctuary Exploration Center and recently in the Discovery Center, Chula Vista, CA – now with their own website “Jellies Forever” at www.thejellygirls.com
Debb Solan email Debbie@fusionglassco.com • Marjorie Pezzoli email Marjorie@pezzoliart.com

Jellygirls01 Jellygirls02

Kira Corser is video recording/photographing and teaching art in a prototype program titled Climate Kids–San Diego designed with Amber Pairis, Ph.D. lead for the San Diego Climate Science Alliance (climatealliancesd.com).  Climate Kids-San Diego is a community based project to support youth engagement on climate change and ocean conservation. The goal is to encourage elementary students to be stewards of the planet and protect the oceans. Additional partners include the San Diego Oceans Foundation, San Diego Public Library- Pacific Beach Taylor Branch, Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, and Pacific Beach Elementary School. • email KiraCorser@gmail.com or visit ClimateKids.us for more information.

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kira_03.1 kira_04

Kira Carrillo Corser/Artist Statement

Kira has 32 years experience in journalism, video, photography, teaching and art. She is known nationally as catalyst affecting legislation, policy, and community changes.  She recently was part of the Carter Center Human Rights Defenders Forum and has led the Sea Changes ACT project for 4 years, expanding into schools, libraries, museums, and community arts classes.

Amber Pairis, Ph.D., Lead, San Diego Climate Science Alliance -and-Strategic Conservation Planning for the South Coast Region. (916) 205-9478 • email Amber.Pairis@wildlife.ca.gov • See also: ClimateAlliancesd.com and Climatekids.us

Dept Fish and Wildlife

Ellen Martin, Executive Director for First Night Monterey has produced two
Major installations with artists Kira Corser, Deb Solan Nina Paris, Dr. Jennifer Colby, Pat Watson and students from CSUMB.  First Night is currently working on videos from documentation of the building projection animations and inside Virtual Undersea Experience at First Night Monterey Dec 31, 2014 with Jocelyn Varela.

Sea Changes Monterey Conference Center

Jocelyn Varela, student and Pat Watson, Instructor at CSUMB are still working with Kira on animations for video projections onto silks, walls and online to promote interest in the devastating changes happening to our oceans.



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