Watersheds to Sea Changes
Our oceans are losing millions of sea life due to climate change, plastic pollution, and over-fishing. Art can bypass fear and build knowledge, while promoting positive change to communicate our loss, our choices and our future. – Kira Carrillo Corser, Director, Sea Changes ACT Project

Sea Changes Accomplishments

Sea Changes accomplishments have been well received in the past two years. Our goals are to communicate creatively on issues that destroy ocean life and to make the stewardship of the ocean a way to build planet and community resilience.

This project started in 2011, by Kira Carrillo Corser building a team with 7 scientists and 7 artists. Since then, we have been active in museums, community events, schools and policy-making meetings. We welcome world community voices to join us. Facebook.

Sea Changes ACT – Phase 1Sea Changes ACT – Phase 2

Sea Changes ACT – Phase 1
Resume of Events & Activities – Museums & Organizations 

Project Resume

  • California Climate Change Adaptation Forum, Sacramento – Panel Presenter and Virtual Undersea installation at main reception.
  • Museum of Monterey + 3 Panel Discussions and interactive community support activities Sea Changes ACT March 8, 2014 – May 25, 2014.
  • Oceanside Art MuseumDNA of Creativity, San Diego Visual Arts Network April 12 to Aug 3, 2014.
  • Fish Tales and Ocean Avatars movie on Vimeo.
  • Hera Hub and Ripple Recycling Fundraiser – Co-working spaces in Sorrento Valley, Mission Valley, Carlsbad.
  • PAMM Art and Science – Balboa Park, June 17, 2013 DNA of Creativity Lecture. Kira’s slides and presentation Sea Changes: ACT.
  • LyceumRED play preview presentation with SDVAN DNA teams.
  • Balboa Park Art & Science NSF Community teaching event.
  • Oceanside Street Festival – recycling t-Shirts to tote bags, fish masks and ocean education activities.
  • San Diego Oceans Foundation/Rubio’s Fish Beach Clean Up Art and Music Festival.
  • Skidmore CollegeEve Talks Presenter, Saratoga Springs, NY, June 2012 women working for sustainable oceans and healing the planet at the Women’s Voices for a Change conference sponsored by Jan Phillips and the Living Kindness Foundation.
  • Escondido Municipal Art Gallery – Climate Change Acidification Presentation and participation in exhibition Magic of Water, Nov. 10th, 2012.
  • Del Lago AcademyTim Lueker Mosaic Art with high school classes.
  • NOAA Exploration Centre – Santa Cruz, Jellyfish out of recycled plastics, by Debb Solan and Marjorie Pezolli hung in the Oceanside Museum of Art, Museum of Monterey.
  • First Night MontereyArts Council for Monterey County event at the Monterey Conference Center, Inspired theme of ocean health 2013, 2014.
  • Birch Aquarium – 2013 UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla installed Michelle Kurtis Cole’s glass art in experimental tank and successfully is growing baby coral.
    Octopus Made From Plastic & Beach Trash
    Octopus Made From Plastic & Beach Trash
  • UCSD – sponsored Surfer Legends, 2012 video stories of surfer legends who are concerned with issues affecting ocean changes.
  • Sea Changes: ACT – protecting our oceans through art and science. The octopus was made of beach trash picked up with volunteers from Rubios, beach clean up, San Diego Oceans Foundation Director, John Valencia, Julie Phan, and Kira Corser — with Kira Carrillo Corser in Oceanside, California.
Sea Changes Local Team Meeting
Sea Changes Local Team Meeting

Some of the Sea Changes Team meeting at Lauren’s new studio in La Jolla Thanks to Dale Sweetnam for taking the photo. Team members in photo: Kira Corser, Lauren Carrera, Marjorie Pezzolli, Debb Solan, Michelle Kurtis Cole, and Caitlin Whalen. Sam Iacobellis also attended. We discussed our upcoming spring exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art, thanks to the efforts of Patricia Frischer and San Diego Visual Arts Network’s DNA of Creativity Grant.

Museum of Monterey, Scientists and Artists spoke at 3 Panel discussions during the 3-month exhibition.

Special thanks to Deb Wilson-Vandenberg, Senior Biologist for CA Fish and Wildlife, for arranging the Art and Ocean Science Panel Discussion, with Donna Kline a researcher at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and Karl Mayer, Coordinator of the Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium – and to Marcia Perry and Jennifer Colby artists and community leaders in Monterey County, plus Dr. Jennifer Colby’s CSUMB Students Robin Wienands, and Maria Tassos helped with installations.


Sea Changes ACT – Phase 2
August 2014 and The Future

  • California State Climate Change Adaptation Forum – Sacramento meeting of scientists and city leaders, Panel Presenter & Virtual Undersea Installation for main ballroom reception of 800 attendees, Aug. 2014
  • Music Video – 4, 760 views on YouTube, “And the Earth Bleeds” with musician Erik Scott, Aug. 2014
  • First Night Monterey – Inspired theme of ocean health with video on building projections and a two room Virtual Undersea Experience Installation, Ocean shadow puppets & Resolution Sculpture 2014 New Years Eve events, posters, and outreach Dec 2015
  • Sea Changes ACT Interactive E-Book, with international computer engineers from IEEE 2015
  • Ocean Avatar App & Templates – 2015

Our focus in Phase 2 is more about climate change and building community resilience.

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