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Make Your Own Shopping Bag – Simple, No Sew Technique

Debb Solan & Odette
Debb Solan & Odette

Simple alternative “Bring Your Own Bag” to the store. The T-Shirt Tote Bag is an alternative to plastic bags. 


Marjorie Pezzoli
Marjorie Pezzoli







Easy to make, a “NO SEW” project! by Marjorie Pezzoli and Debb Solan


  1. Lay T-shirt on flat area.Use straight edge to mark line, approximately 4” from bottom of shirt.This indicates fringe length.
    Mark 4" from bottom
    Mark 4″ from bottom
  2. Use fabric marker or Sharpie pen for sleeve & neck line removal, or just follow seams. Cut off sleeves & neck line.
    sleeve & neck line removal
    Sleeve & neck line removal
  3. Cut bottom of t-shirt up to line, ½” – ¾” width to create fringe,
    This creates front & back pair for tying together.
    Cut fringe
    Cut ½” – ¾” width fringe
  4. Tie double over hand knot tightly with each pair of front & back fringe.
    (1st & last fringe cut up side seam of T-shirt to create tying pair.)
    Tie fringe double knot
    Tie fringe double knot
    Tied fringe completed
    Tied fringe completed
    Your bag is ready for shopping
    Your bag is ready for shopping

The t-shirt tote bag is complete. Remember to grab your bags when you go shopping!



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